Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Note on Procrastination.....

I was always the girl feverishly hacking away on her computer through the wee hours the night before a research paper comes due. I once spent an entire day nursing a newborn infant in one arm while writing a short story with the other. Procrastination is my M.O., though I always pay for this defect of character,(sometimes it's as little as typographical errors, sometimes it's damage to my left breast). Two weeks ago, I kept putting off my blogging commitment, and what did I get? Flash flooding and a loss of internet!

In the interim I have baked batches upon batches of cookies with my rain-trapped kids, cleaned the windows with vinegar water, and, inspired by our recent raging storms and swirling rain, I finally read WUTHERING HEIGHTS (no one ever told me Heathcliff was such a capital A-hole, and don't get me started on that brat, Catherine...). I also finished John Ehle's MOVE OVER MOUNTAIN and HOME OF THE BRAVE edited by Jeffery Hess, (blogs to follow).

So, please, forgive me, Kevin and friends, and have a cookie.


  1. I am still avoiding WUTHERING HEIGHTS. I want to be a former English Major and MFA student who never read anything by that author :)

  2. I hold the same hope for avoiding Milton. I will say that I enjoyed WH--very scandalous!

  3. No apology necessary, though I have been waiting anxiously to hear what you have to say next. What you've written here is strangely satisfying and has calmed my nerves. P.S. If this is posted as coming from Leslie Watson, it's really me, Kevin. My daughter has somehow hijacked my Google Account. Kids are amazing.